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Media & advertising

Advertise directly to financial advisers as the are making decisions around platform, investments and insurances for clients

PADUA’s unique advertising platform provides:

  1. Market leading cost per acquisition opportunities; &
  2. A highly engaged adviser audience
  • Premium SOV site
  • Over 1,000 adviser users
  • 100,000+ Page views
  • 100% adviser site
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Why advertise on PADUA platforms?

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Brett Canning

Head of Sales & Distribution

Wilmer Castello

Head of Media Sales

Matthew Esler

“The key difference we see on PADUA compared to other platforms is that when an ad appears on the page it has a lot of attention rather than being in a cluttered landscape.

Another really great thing about PADUA is that we know that we’re really getting in front of financial planners and advisors when it matters the most when it is the decision-making time.”
Michelle Reed
Ptarmigan Media
“An investment manager would look at PADUA because it is a very cost-effective way to reach intermediaries audience while they’re in the decision-making process so when advisors are at PADUA they’re making investment decisions and therefore our clients can reach their audience when it’s contextually relevant to them”

Giada Dorgia
Fundamental Media

PADUA’s media partners include