CAPRI Digital Mini Fact Find – Engaging, customised, interactive & connects with your CRM

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SORRENTO Digital Fact Find – Integrates with Xplan, customised branding, interactive & flexible

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MILANO SOA Template Manager – Build your own digital SOA quickly, easily & compliantly

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Fact Find Bundle – Access ROMA (client hub), CAPRI (mini-fact find) & SORRENTO (fact find)

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Real advice data

For advisers

Customisable visual dashboard
$ 500
Per month
  • Benchmark against other advisers
  • Strategy advice
  • Product advice
  • Income & assets
  • Advice fees

For licensees

Customisable visual dashboard
$ 2,000
Per month
  • Analyse your advisers & practices
  • Benchmark against other licensees
  • Strategy advice
  • Product advice
  • Advice fees

For product managers

Customisable visual dashboard
$ 2,500
Per month
  • Investment
  • Super
  • Pension
  • Insurance
  • Feature

For institutions

Raw advice data
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  • Client demographics
  • Financial data
  • Product & strategy data
  • Entity data
  • Advice fee data

Brett Canning

Head of Sales & Distribution

Joe McCann

Head of Advice Sales

Matthew Esler

"PADUA helped us deliver advice and implement strategies for our clients 65% more quickly, which is the real win!"
Jason Harwood
CEO – Lifewealth Group
"PADUA has been supporting Morningstar’s transition management team by producing high quality financial advice documents for our mutual adviser clients since 2014."
Chris Galloway
MD – Morningstar Investment Management
“Using PADUA allows our advisers to collect the information once and use many times. We have calculated that this saves up to one hour per data reuse per client.”
Matt Lawler
CEO – Wealthmarket