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Target a 80% plus transition conversion rate.

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Shorter transition times brings forward revenue streams and ROI.

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Reduce overall transition costs. We target a < 6-month payback period.

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Your own dedicated team of on-shore, highly qualified project managers.


Padua's Outsourced Transition Management Services makes it easy for you to transition your client base between platforms or products. Padua's end-to-end Transition Management Program is the most comprehensive, most efficient and most valued service for transitioning your clients.


Padua's Transition Management System enables all stakeholders - from financial advisers, to licensees to platforms - to monitor and report on the progress of a transition. From initial registration of interest all the way through to the reconciliation of funds hitting the platform, our system makes sure you don't miss a beat.



Padua's on-shore, highly qualified, Transition Project Managers are the best trained in the industry. Your dedicated team gets to know you and your business and you get to know them.

They think of themselves as part of your team - and are motivated to help you get the best outcomes for your clients.


Padua's Transition Management Program outsources the entire transition effort while speeding up completion, managing risk and delivering quality outcomes for investors. We employ the highest level of data security and privacy protocols. All data is stored locally. Nothing slips through Padua's comprehensive, technology driven seven step Transition Management Program.

1. Registration

We undertake a thorough Fact Find to develop a macro view of the transition opportunity, conduct a cost/benefit analysis, and collect the necessary information needed to execute the transition effectively.

2. Confirmation

We conduct macro-analysis of the fees, features and investment performance in the existing versus recommended platform and investments. From this we begin shaping the client positioning and messaging strategy.

3. Compliance

We familiarise ourselves with your compliance team's requirements, your software, SOA and ROA templates and your intended transition advice process. Required documents are executed. Client data is collected and uploaded.

4. Client Segmentation

We identify key benefits from both an investor and adviser practice perspective. We create messaging and marketing and sales collateral designed to build both client and support staff buy-in.

5. Client Engagement

We’ll work with you to develop a client segmentation and engagement strategy to identify which clients to target first and how. Padua's TORINO software auto-allocates based on your variables. A schedule of client meetings is then determined.

6. Transition Implementation

We produce a Transition Implementation pack for each client which includes the Statement of Advice, Application Form, Transfer Authority Form, In-specie Transfer Form and Other Transition documentation.

7. Adviser & Platform Reconciliation

You can monitor adviser/client meetings and their outcomes and link to the recommended platform so you are kept up-to-date on when and for whom the funds have hit the platform.

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"It’s amazing the difference in the quality and efficiency of our paraplanning since we brought on Padua. They are a seamless extension of our business - at a fraction of the cost of doing it all ourselves”.

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"Padua helped us deliver advice and implement strategies for our clients 65% more quickly, which is the real win!"

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